What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the technology of using sensors to map the world around us. Initially used by the military and scientist almost two hundred years ago, photogrammetry is now used by many industries, from architecture to farming, law enforcement to video games. Photogrammetry is capable of capturing our world in multiple dimensions down to millimeter precision. The level of detail Photogrammetry can now capture forced me contemplate what Photography is and can be. How does that change the relationship between the artist and the audience? While in film school, I spent a semester in Florence learning traditional 35mm black and white Photography. I learned the boundaries of an image were almost, if not, as important as the content of the image itself. The frame can include or exclude context. It bounds the photograph to that moment, to that subject, and excludes all else. What happens to those boundaries when you can step into and wander around inside the photo? I am haunted by the dichotomy of Photogrammetry’s evolution to capture everything around us and the inescapable intention in Photography as an artist chooses to frame very specific moments. Where does the line blur between the two? This is my exploration