Synthesized Reality

To stand on top of a glacier and see both its power and fragility was a humbling experience. In one direction you see an endless expanse of ancient ice carving its way through a mountain, while in the other you hear the continuous booms of skyscraper sized chunks of ice falling into the sea. Hyperbole would likely have been my first thought when hearing the term ‘Doomsday Glacier’ prior to my experience. When you stand face to face with nature, its power is impossible to ignore. While living in New York I have experienced disasters from terrorist attacks to earthquakes. I was here when a storm surge knocked out power in lower Manhattan, reminding everyone we live near the ocean. Throughout NYC remained resilient. NYC rebuilt. NYC moved on. No doubt that resiliency will continue. The 3D photo within this vision of the future is of a building with a mural that is an artistic landmark in one of my old neighborhoods. It sits just south of the Williamsburg Bridge. This is New York City in a synthesized reality, post the collapse of Thwaites.